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Hey guys...where does this go?

just the top part of the front/rear doors?

Is it easy to replace the old ones? Mine arent cracked or anything but seem to be getting dry and their flat.

Also anyone know how to make the door stay open better? I park on any slant and the doors always wanna kill me. Esp the front two that are heavy as heck.

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if ur on a slope, any door would want to either open or close due to gravity..

u could change the hinges that helps the door open close/open.. doubt that it will really help.
well yeah but my front doors close while on flat land...i mean in my garage...which is pretty darn level. hahah

I remember our volvo doors were crazy...they'd never close. OH...our new highlander is pretty good too. I dont know why but our highlander door feels lighter than our camry's...does that make sense? hahah

Any clue how much a change would cost me?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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