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Weber Carb Vs Stock carb

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I am curious from the owners of the weber carbs how much of a difference do you have using a web from your old carb.
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It depends. Are you talking about replacing a 20+ year old original Aisin carb that has never been rebuilt or a clean and properly functioning Aisin carb?

I've read all over the net that the Weber carb only gives a smidge more power but eats a lot more gas compared to a properly functioning Aisin carb.

I say get a good complete carb kit (like a Napa) and rebuild the original Aisin.
I've had a 32/36 Weber on my 20R-headed 22R, and the stock carb was better. I ended up selling it and sticking a 22R carb with an adapter onto the 20R intake.
I switched back and forth between a weber 32/36 and a fresh rebuilt factory carb. I got almost the same gas milage with both when driving normaly. The weber allowed the engine to spin to a higher rpm if I took off real hard..and burn more gas. The bottom line is your foot. One carb is no more "effecient" than the other.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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