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Weight of wheels

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Can anyone tell me what a OEM Tacoma 16x7 steel wheel weighs? Also what a OEM Tacoma 16x7 aluminum wheel weighs? Thanks guys.
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using the tire rack weights, a dunlop should weigh about 34#. I have some steelies w/tires that weigh 60.2#. so a steelie weighs about 26#. the tire rack listed my new tires at 45#, and they actually weigh 46.8#. so, the 26# is a rough estimate.

I think the stock alloys are 7.5 inches.

I thought my fj alloys might weigh less than steelies, but they are 26.2#.
I blieve that the TRD offroad weigh 25-26 to give you and idea.. I'd say ^^ right
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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