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Weight reduction plans

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Here is what I plan on doing in order to reduce the weight in my SV21 to compensate for my subwoofers:

(1)Remove rear bench seat
(2)Remove passenger Seat
(3)Remove spare tire
(4)Cut out spare tire well and weld aluminium over the hole
(5)Remove the AC Compressor

Thats all I can think of for the moment. Any suggestions?
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UfoZ8myCow said:
I say you just start drilling holes in everything. The doors, the floor boards, the trunk, the hood... Swiss cheese mobile!!!
Hey that was my suggestion a while back when a guy wanted to reduce the weight of his celica!

stevethecleric said:
Drive on an empty gas tank - 12gal of gas is really heavy, try 2
Remove all glass - buy some goggles to save your eyes, ditch all glass
Ditch the hoods completly - whats not there weighs nothing
Lawn chairs - ditch the seats, bolt down some lawn chairs weigh like 5 lbs for all seats
Strip the paint - go bare metal, paint is heavy
Take out the rear brakes - the fronts do most of the work anyway
Ditch the head lights - who needs to drive at night?
Ditch the windsheild wipers - have no windsheild, why do you need wipers?

Drill GIANT holes throughout the car - swiss cheese mobile
2 lugnuts per wheel - saves more weight than the power antenna

WHY BOTHER? What type of gains do you really think you are going to get? what type of hit do you think you are taking by having 50lbs of audio equipment in the trunk? Thats right NONE!
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