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I'm 1 in Southern Ont.
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05 Tacoma Reg cab 21,000MILES

So My truck had this lopsided tire sound. Took it to the dealer they said "bearings are fine, its the tire:, took it to the tire shop they said "Tires are fine, its the truck". I was mad so I said F-it and forgot about it, well now the lopsided tire sound is getting louder so I took it to my personal mechanic friend, he is 95% sure its the bearings and maybe even hub. Pissed off I called a different Toyota dealer and they are going to look at it on Feb 3rd.

Weird thing I noticed today is that it doesnt make the annoying lopsided tire sound in 4 wheel drive (we had snow today... yahoo :whatwhat: ). Can anyone confirm what this annoying sound is? It sounds just like a lop sided tire would sound. Thats the best way I can explain it.

On another note, driving home today I hear this weird rattle under the bed somewhere... Oh man this truck makes some weird noises (and I dont even off road with it other than playing in the snow down at my local Walmart parkinlot).
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