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Weird noise / dash lights out!

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So the other day it was a little cold outside. Somewhere around -40. When I started my car and started to drive the dash made this high pitched screeching noise till the inside of the car warmed up, its done that before and would just go away. It's been doing that for a wile now when it’s under -35 but this time I started driving and as the dash wormed up the screeching noise went away and so did my dash lights! One by one. First it was the climate control, then the gas gauge, engine temp and final the tach and Speedo (can't remember what first). I checked the fuses and the bulbs and there fine. It hasn’t been that cold since they went so I don’t know if it still makes the screeching sound in the cold.

I’ve never posted on a forum before and thought I might as well start with a fun one.

1990 Toyota Corolla sr5
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