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05 Toyota Corolla
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Hi all, just found this forum and seeing if anyone can give me some advice on my problem.

I have a completely stock 05 corolla (mom's car / daily beater), which recently the brake pads were run way to low and ate the driver side rotor. I replaced the rotor, and pads on both front wheels. Now there is no noise from the break pads, or when I break / slow down to a stop, but when I get to about 15mph+ there is a constant squeak that sounds like it is happening at the same exact spot in the wheel rotation every time. It get's faster as your speed increases. Now, I took it apart and can find nothing to cause this. Is there anything in specific I should be looking for?

Any help is appreciated. I have done break jobs on plenty of my other cars and never had this happen before, I'm at a loss.
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