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Weird Sounds On 07 Avalon

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I Am Wondering,

I Currently Have 2007 Touring And It Makes So Much Weird Noises While I Drive.
Its Hard To Explain, But Noises Like Shock/spring, Scratchy Sound, And Some Weird Electronic Sound. And Also, When You Leave Your Engine On, And You Hear Some Whistle Sound Near Engine Area.

Is This Normal?

Thanks In Advanced
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Mine does make some noise due to the cheap plastic cover on the radio and navigation compartments and in one more area which I haven't pinpoint yet.

Also there are some "weird" sound coming from the trunk and the engine compartment. But these were expected, since the they're listed in the O&M manual. In fact, one of the noise is a pump in the rear doing its thing (even when the vehicle is off)

'08 Limited
hmm, i guess ill just stop by the dealer and have checkup.

thanks all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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