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Well I got all my goodies ordered, here is the list of what I got................

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I hope it all works well:

Donohoe Coilovers
17x8 American Racing Mojave wheels with black bead lock
295/70/17 Nitto TerraGrapplers
Nokya H4
Nokya 9005
Nokya 3157
Piaa 194

I plan on doing the clear corner mod when I get my truck. It should arrive next week. As soon as I get it I am going to bring it home and install all the toys. My only concern is getting the truck to clear the 295's. My tire shop assured me it would fit. They are 33.27x11.73. I know I am going to have to trim a little, but on a prerunner that is lifted 2 1/2 inched I feel I shouldn't have any problems especially considering it is going to be a street truck. If the tires are a little large, couldn't I just put on a wheel spacer to compensate. Of course I would use one that is hubcentric. Give me your input on what you think of my setup and what I should look out for.
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glad to see everyone is such a socialyte.
Nice stuff. Where did you get the Nokya headlights from?

I really want to lift my truck soon. I just got a job so I might be able to do it now. I just bought door speakers and the kit.

Volant intake soon as well.
I got them from I am thinking about doing the Volant intake too. Do you know if it replaces both the primary and secondary filter, or just the primary?
The kit replaces everything. It will connect right to the throttle body. Volant is so nice.
295? i think you might have some rub.
Well some rub is Ok I guess, I just don't want to rip out my fender or fender well, LOL.
on another forum some guy got 295 or 305s and way rubbing on the body mount... BAD
Yes that would be bad. Well I only put down a $200 deposit on $1800 worth of tires and wheels. The tire shop said if they don't fit we can reorder what I need. So I hope it works, but if it doesn't I will just have to have them reorder them and take the old ones back.
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