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Don't own a Yota yet but heading to the dealer today...

Wanted metallic but now thinking of white Tacoma...
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:welcome: to the nation! Post up some pics when you buy your truck....:thumbsup:
Well after 5 hours at the local dealership I got my 2011 white 4x4! Loving it, already had to play in the dirt.. Can't post pics yet.. Phone can't upload.. Sticker price was 33,900 and ended up getting it for 32,000 OTD.. Hope I did good with negotiating.. Got $2k back from my trade in they paid off, time for some rims, tires and a small lift..

What tires, rims and lift does everyone recommend?
Congratulations on the new truck! :clap: As for the tires, lift, etc., I'd recommend visiting the 2nd Gen Tacoma forum and checking out the past threads and stickies there, but it's also a good time to introduce yourself to the members there. If you have any questions about the forums, just ask....:thumbsup:
Welcome to TN!

Congrats on the purchase of the new Tacoma. Must be nice to have that 'new car smell' :cool:. There's plenty of info available here, so feel free to browse around and make yourself at home :thumbsup:

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:thumbsup: Hi All, Just bought a Silver 2009 Corolla LE. So far I like it a lot. Donn
:thumbsup: Hi All, Just bought a Silver 2009 Corolla LE. So far I like it a lot. Donn
:welcome: to you too, Don! :thumbsup:
Have a bunch of pics I took, gotta wait till I get home.. Just 1 for now..

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:smokin: :chug:

Oh, yah! You're going to love that truck. Very nice, man!
Love the color! Awesome, man! :chug:
Wicked photos! The truck looks awesome :cool:. Some of those shots look like the ones you'd see in a Toyota brochure. Nice job :thumbsup:
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