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Westin Bull Bar w/Skidplate

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Just got my bull bar/skidplate today and am waiting for the garage to heat up a little before installing it. :clap:

If anyone has already installed this and has tips/tricks etc to share, please do! I really want to put it on but am thinking about getting the bull bar sprayed with line-x or rhino. I had line-x in my old Tacoma so I may go with that.

I'll post pics when it's finished...should be relatively easy.
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The only hard part of the install is getting to the bumper mount bolts. Ratcheting wrenches help. You can get to the bolts from above real easy if you take off the grille and headlights, but that will take more time.

Be sure to follow the instructions/diagram and use 2 of the big washers for spacers on the bottom bolts between the bracket and the stock mount, where the offset is. If you don't use the washers it will bend the bracket and not mount properly to the bumper mount.

Then once the main brackets are on, put the bull bar up to the brackets, and just put one bolt in each side, so that the bull bar can "hinge" on the bolts, and touch the floor. Get the bolts semi-tight, so that you can adjust the bull bar where you want it, then hinge the bull bar up with one hand, and put the 2nd set of bolts in with the other hand. Get them tight enough to hold the bull bar, but still let you bump it around where you want it. I did this all myself, but a 2nd person would've been nice.

To get the bull bar verticle on the front plane, I had the back of the bull bar about 1/4" away from the bumper. If one side is higher than the other use a rubber hammer on the bottom to knock it where you want it. The mounts allow for a lot of adjustment. Then tighten it down good. Drive it around for a few days, and then check all the bolts again.

A line-X finish would be cool. But the Westin powdercoat seems to be pretty durable. It doesn't have a real glossy finish, but a coat or two of wax really helps, and makes it match my trucks's black paint really well. The skid plate will really shine up if you have a buffer and some aluminum polish. You can get it to look like a mirror if you polish on it enough.


BTW, I see you live in Dayton. I'm in Middletown. Lots of icy roads lately, huh?
I'll be driving up your way tomorrow. Send me a PM if you need any help with anything. I've got a buffer and detailing stuff if you ever need any help with that aluminum skid plate or some scratches in the paint. It might cost ya a Penn Station sandwich though. :D
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