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Whalen Shift Machine - Weighted Custom Shifter

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Hi, i haven't posted here in awhile, but wanted to share this product with all of you. I am trying to work out a deal with the owner of the shop to start making knobs for toyota threaded shifters. Please let me know if you are interested in this product.


I got a chance to sit in my buddies BMW530 5spd and noticed that his shifter had a really nice feel. I soon learn that he replaced his knob with one that is weighted heavier to create a smoother feel in the shift.

After playing around with it for awhile the feel is amazing. the increased weight at the top decreases the force you have to apply in getting the shifter into gear. Especially for us that have a short shifter and the shifts are a little notchy, this will help us out the most.

Even better, is that these knobs are fully customizable. You can get chrome or brushed aluminum or a combo of both. and you can get any pattern engraved onto the shifter. its a thing of beauty and function.

i am contacting the owner right now to see if he would be willing to adapt the BMW collar to just a thread for us toyota guys. let me know if you would be interested in this.

He's selling this to BMW and Mini guys for 130 for the base shifter then $20 for the custom engraving.

EDIT/UPDATE: I just spoke with the owner and since a collar is not needed the price will be $105 for the shifter. Again the $20 applies for custom patterns on top. i will keep you all updated as i'm working things out with him.

here are a few examples

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That smurfette one is pretty neat! Pretty cool christmas present for a friend next year i think.
BenG said:
That smurfette one is pretty neat! Pretty cool christmas present for a friend next year i think.

you can get any pattern you can think of that will fit on a sphere, however this will only happen if we can get a few toyota people interested in this. I talked to the owner and he wants at least 10 confirmed orders to get this thing going.

so if youre interested in this product, please speak up! =)
That's so cool. I wish I had a manual... and $125.:lol: That would be cool to have a picture of my camry on it... but again, I don't have a manual.
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