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What a great few days I've had!

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Yesterday I started to change out my Whiteline springs for the stocks... I started with the one that was hardest last time, RR. I got both rear springs changed with no problems. Go to the fronts, and it turns out I don't have a big enough socket for the two big bolts at the bottom. So I put the wheel back on and drive to the parts store and pick up the socket I need. Go back home, tear out the front left, get the Whiteline off... and then realize that these stock springs are fcukin' tall! And oh yea, I don't have the right socket for the spring compressors either... I've been using a vice grips to tighten them. I decide to take the spring inside and compress it while watching some TV. Now where's my cell phone? That $250 camera phone that I've had for two months? Oh yea, it was on top of the car when I drove to get the socket... awesome! Luckily I called it and someone had picked it up, and is hopefully going to drop it off today. I go inside to continue with the spring. What happens next you ask? My forearm cramps from too much wrenching, so I'm out for 30 minutes. It's all pretty boring after that... I get the FL back in, and start on the FR, but my 14mm socket is now stripped, so I can't disconnect the strut mount from the tower. Daylight is now gone, so I put everything back together... 3 stock springs, 1 Whiteline. Not too horrible, right?

Today my mom took my car to work and left me with the Sienna to pack up since I'm moving in to school tomorrow. My wake up call? Her saying the car broke down. Tranny's gone. So, 9:00 AM and I have a car with no tranny, an empty van, and spring compressors that were due back 16 hours ago. Here's to hoping my day gets better :chug: I really need a beer...

BTW, I jinxed myself yesterday... I believe my exact words were: "I'm amazed my transmission hasn't gone yet"
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hey we just got our housing check and she said she has to deposit it tomorrow morning so i'll do the paypal on the 3rd
so i hope that helps you out a little cause i'm set on getting it from you. sorry to hear about the tranny. rapeacivic has an auto tranny from a v6 94 camry if your interested
Damn dude I'm so sorry to hear that:( I pray that my tranny doesn't go out:(

If you have a V6 Cam I've got an Auto Tranny that I can sell to you if you are interested
I'm sure I could get one locally for about what it'd be to buy and ship from Florida, but thanks for the offer. I'm moving tonight, and the car isn't coming with, so I'm just going to let a shop take care of it.
Dude... that sucks. I think we can safely say that TN's Curse on Camrys just claimed another victim. Hope it all works out for you.

Take the lead of these little fellas tho: :chug: :fruit:
How many miles did you have on your tranny?
Man you just aren't getting any luck =/

Hope your phone is ok, I think everyone has driven off more than once with something on the roof :hammer:
179k miles on the tranny... phone is fine. Just a little scuff on the antenna.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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