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Hey All,
My name's Matt from western sydney Australia.
i'm a mechanic, 24yo with a passion 4 cars and due to having a lot of friends with corolla's, i have learnt the hard way a lot about them.
I am now on to my 5th corolla after owning a KE50 coup, AE80, AE82, AE93 and AE95R GT
I have friends in Sydney Rolla club who i knew b4 the club existed and also a few other friends down the illegals... (can't mention their names as some would probably hate me if they got busted street racing :eek: )
I done pretty well as an apprentice - achieving the 3rd highest results in the state (only to be outdone by 2 mechanics who have been in the trade for many years and have been forced to get their certificates!)
So yeah with that said, i dont want to brag either as i personally think i fluked it all and know quite a little about cars.
i love driving them, i love doing them up and i love to get the best out of them all the time as i guess i am a lil bit of an adrenaline junkie.
if i don't know something about the problem i can always point in the right direction of some1 who can rather than bullshit on about it.
Anyways if you wanna chat some time i also have email - [email protected]
I always enjoy talking with people who actually know what they are talking about and whom i can learn from.

Look forward to chattin and gettin down and dirty with cars :lol:
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