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What are the OEM sparks plugs for 2000 V6

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I work at NASA and used my car to test a new spark plug that is being developed here. It was supposed to provide better power, mileage and produce less ozone depleting exhaust. As with most beta tests, none of this happened and I want to go back to my originals, but they threw them out. I was told I should have asked to keep them. I am on my own to replace them and I have no idea what was in the car originally. Should I get an after market? If so, what kind? I have also read that they are a pain to replace. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Assuming your engine code is 1MZ-FE you want dual tipped platinum plugs. There should be a picture of what the plug looks like on the underside of your hood. It is a multi ground plug. OEM replacement is Denso part PK20. Iridium plugs are a waste if you are staying n/a, but if a supercharger is in your future you are gonna want to consider a plug that give you a cooler spark like Denso Iridiums (IK22 I believe). Whatever you get, use denso, or ngk. Bosch plugs are for german cars.

- Paul
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