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2002 Camry
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Well, I drive a 2002 Gen5 LE, and just had the most expensive mods to my car.

12/06 - purchased and installed D2 coilovers

12/06 - fixed dents on my car, re-painted the car from its original white to the smoky granite mica on lexus models, molded on the front add-on piece of body kit, color-matched the housing of headlight w/ the new body paint color, lightly smoked the taillamps (just got my car back yesterday).

As far as 2007 goes,

1. get axles fixed or get new axles.

2. re-do alignment on the car

3. inspect the wiring of rear speakers; replace stock rear speakers w/ some audiobahns if necessary.

4. anymore mods will get me in huge debt :lol:
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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