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I dont know about you guys, but sitting around looking at my filthy car with the nasty steelies on it really gets the gears turning about next spring and the mods I want to complete next summer. Im sure everyone else has plans and its always fun to share, so camry or not, post up your planned mods for 2007!

Here is my list:

1. S54 5 speed transmission swap from the SBC- Hopefully I will have this installed by speed source sometime near the end of the semester, depending on my financial situation. If things go well I may be getting a different clutch as well- dont really need a stage 3 clutch on my 5s :lol:

2. Finish my body kit- I really want to pick up a new set of razzi sides and a razzi rear lip to complete my body kit. I want to paint them black and finish off the two tone oreo look. I got a sweet set of skirts from Brett but DHL destroyed them, so hopefully the money from that mishap will go towards these.

3. Lower the car more- Preferably and most likely with K-Sport coilovers sometime next summer, but if that doesnt pan out Im going to try Tein solara springs. The drop has to be even though, thats my biggest requirement.

4. Quiet the exhaust- Im installing a vibrant resonator to keep the rasp down. I am also considering installing a new muffler to spice things up a bit.

5. Finally tint it- I want to do 30% tint on all but the windshield. That should help the carbon fit the black/white scheme a little better.

6. Paint the roof black- I havent decided if I want to go full panda top or just do the center roof section, but some black paint needs to be sprayed up there.

7. Get some comfy seats- Id like to install a nice set of black seats with some solid bolsters to make my interior a little classier.

So those are my big plans, I wonder how much of it Ill actually get done :lol: lets here what everyone else is up to!

1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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