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-pay of the massive amount of debt I have incurred from my car


-new rims

-intercooler upgrade

-new seats or reupholster the leather

-actually drive my car without worrying about it break down and remember how to drive stick since it's been a year since my car started going in the shop....

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Get the rest of the interior blacked out in leather and suede

Get my turbo shit installed

Maybe get the paint redone in the same color but fancier

Finally put in a stereo so that i can use the fancy speakers i installed month ago

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1. Skirt Package
2. LED 2nd Gen Altis tail
3. dual tip muffler
4. OEM Kicker subwoofer system
5. tinted windows
6. leather seats
7. titanium burlwood dash kit
8. Falken 512 tires 205/40/17 (currently have 215/50/17)

I think that's it for now.

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Just sold my Corolla and Camry. So i am carless at this point. So no plans on those two cars at this point. However i will be getting a Scion tC soon. Test drove one the other day. Don't know why though. I have driven a friend's tC a lot of times and know how it drives. I am a bit dis-appointed due to the lack of an auxiallry input. So my first act as the owner of the tC would be to get an after market head unit. One of those double DIN touch screens with an SD card reader and a DVD player and what not. After that i can take my time trying to install a carputer. Get a remote starter for the tc as well. Let's face it. I spoiled myself with a remote starter when i got it a couple of years ago. The thing is awesome especially in the winters. Then i plan of installing this into the console and make it look OEM. And perhaps in the summer i can change the orange lights in the gauge cluster to something more soothing to the eyes.
In terms of the exterior, i would love to see if there is a grill out there for the tC that's resembles the VW GTI's grill. The balck with the red around it. It can be seen here.
Performance wise, nothing much really. BTW, just to piss off a few people here i am getting an automatic tranmission. :D

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ok, so for the coupe, nothing major as i have other important things to drop money into.

1. drop on teins or dropzones with either bilstein or tokico struts.
2. remove stock muffler and install a borla or magnaflow
3. 92-94 bumper, lights, grille, and rmm lip
4. possibly some comfier seats but preferably oem style and no racing style

expensive stuff and that's non-maintenance. till then, i gotta replace a busted door handle and fix my antenna, but these are 2006 upgrades i gotta do in the next few days! :lol:

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finally gettin a 4wd 250hp sedan......any guesses yet????.....................yep thats right A Suby Legacy GT.....great cars and even greater to mod........chip em and add up and down pipes and ur close to 300hp......cant wait.....judt keep my 994banger as a daily ride

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1) 18X8 and 18X9.5 SSR professors (on order now :)
2) BF Goodrich KDW 255/35's and 225/40's
3) Complete my kit with my wald sides (already have) and pick up an l tuned rear lip
4) 1/2 12" subs - some sort of amp (500-1000RMS) and perhaps a little DVD action
5) Tint the bad boy (15% all around, 5% strip on windshield)
6) Paint calipers
7) Cusco under braces to match uppers...
8) Plan out boost - either turbo or SC for ~300-350whp

9) Drive car and minimize down time :)
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