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Partially as a side effect of spending most of each 9 hour work day in a truck, and a new phone (LG V30 with a Quad DAC), I've gone a bit wild on music streaming services... so I'll share what I've found.

I have Pandora One, Amazon Prime Music, Sirius XM, and now Tidal Hi-Fi... in addition to 950 songs on the phone.

Pandora usually fills my time and I highly recommend it as it has a HUGE selection of music of every genre and is like a radio station except you can skip and replay... on demand is available with Premium, which I have never tried. The down side is if you have a lot of of "thumb ups", it tends to play almost the same music on all stations of similar genres and I find myself skipping constantly even though I like the songs. Quality is on par with good MP3's on high quality setting. Cost is free with ads, $5 for no ads, and $9 for Premium.

Amazon Music Store is nice for purchasing high quality music and has a very good selection, but some bands are "album only" or exclusive to other services. Songs cost $0.89 to $1.99 and the quality is excellent for MP3.

Amazion Prime Music streaming fills in when I want on-demand listening of music or albums I don't care enough to buy... but their selection of streamable music is more limited than the purchasable music in the Store. You can also download music for free to listen to off-line, but you do not own it like buying an MP3 and they will go away if you cancel. Quality is the same as Amazon Music Store when on high setting. Prime Music is included with Amazon Prime @ $99 yr or $11 mo (also includes Amazon Video)

Sirius XM is tied down to my Corolla due to the retention deal I got when my trial expired, which is fine since the bit-rate is low and therefore quality is downright awful for music but works for news and talk when traveling and/or driving to work. I did have it on mobile streaming for a while but the low sound quality was nearly unbearable over headphones. If you listen to music at lower volumes, over your phone's speaker, or work in a noisy enviorment (diesel truck), you may not care about the lower sound quality. Sirius is rather expensive ($11 to $17 mo) but works without data anywhere in the country, include phone streaming, and they will lower the price (without phone streaming) if you call to cancel after the trail period ($6 mo in my case)

Tidal is new to me but seems really nice and the selection of music so far appears excellent for some genres, and good for others but many of my favorite bands are missing their most popular albums, however the higher quality is nice for hooking to a home stereo or nicer pairs of headphones. The Tidal extras of HD music videos and concerts is a big plus and may help justify it's higher cost. I have yet to pick up any differences between my 320k MP3s and "1440k FLAC", even with my Sennheiser or Klipsch headphones, however I am not using "high impedance" headphones, yet. Tidal is obviously EXTREMELY data hungry (50MB per song by my estimation), you must have a unlimited plan or WiFi. Tidal is $9 mo for "HD" quality and $19 mo for FLAC like "HiFi" streaming. (my LG V30 includes "HiFi" free for 6 mo and $9 mo after that)

I am open to other options as neither service covers all bases... what are you using?
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