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What Camber?!

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I bought a new 2002 Corolla (in 2002). It has been the best commuter I ever owned. I swear it delivers 50 MPG on the interstates, during the summer months anyway. Until last week I stuck a grand total of $1 in it for repairs; one of the little seat belt stop buttons (which I installed backwards, by the way!). Two weeks ago, I noted a slipping clutch, and it came on instantly. The only other thing noted this year, is that my navigation system MPH indicator has been about three miles off at highway speed. Guess that could have been a slipping clutch, don't know.

Anyway, I just completed installing a RhinoPac clutch kit and am wondering about the car's camber adjustment. I simply cannot find any way it might be done. I am used to "cam bolts" on the struts but this car has none. Can anyone one advise?

Thanks very much.

A truly amateur mechanic (with all the tools, though!)

PS After 120,000 miles, the original brake pads are still over 50% intact. I guess I engine-brake a lot. One of my co-workers said that is hard on clutches.......anyone think he is onto something.....I do not!!
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You can buy camber bolts at the parts store that will install in place of the OEM bolts on the strut. These are used when camber adjustment is needed and the struts dont have elongated holes.
Camber Bolts

Thanks for the information; this is the first car I have worked on that did not have the camber bolts in them (elongated). The bolts I have are full size and I will drive as is. There never has been an alignment performed and I see no real reason to do it now. It drives great and tire wear patterns are textbook good.
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