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What Car?

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My dad is thinking about getting another car 1-2 years old which has good gas milage because of these high gas prices.

He wants it around the 10,000-13,000 dollar range.

THe car will also be used on mostly long range trips.

It doesn't have to be really big too, He said he might get like an echo or something, but echos look kind of bad in my opinion.

Well im wondering what cars you guys suggest?
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what about ford focus or maybe a sentra?
corolla? i don't know if you can get one that new for 13k though...
You shouldn't have a prob finding a 2003 corolla for 13k. Look for a certified at a local dealer and talk em down.
You can prob also find a used prius in the 15k range.
^ my gf's brother got a 2003 corrolla for 14,000 usd with 17,000 miles on the engine. it really nice.
You can get a used Prius for in your price range. And who can hate on 50mpg? Perfect for your long trips:)
SmokingTiresV6 said:
You can get a used Prius for in your price range. And who can hate on 50mpg? Perfect for your long trips:)
Prius are great cars for in-town commutes. Their better mpg's come intown (when runnign hybrid) than when travelling freeways. I'd say look for a year old honda civic. They are safe, reliable and will you years of satisfaction. If your wanting to stick to the toyota family...tell your pop's to look into Scion Xa/Xb (since its in their budget).
He does have the '03 cam but its so new that he doesn't wanna mess it up or anything. Plus, its a nice car.

I've heard that priuses cost that extra couple thousand and the problem is, you'll never use enuff gas to make up the difference.
Corolla:rockon: 38+ mpg highway. Get a 2002 though, best gen evah!!

ishcoleobo said:
How about a '98 Supra Turbo :dunno:


lmao, i was dying when i read that, that'd be great for long commutes.
Oh Shit... I don't think I told you guys yet.....

My bro might be picking up a 97 Supra TT that is modded to hell for like $13,000. This ladies brother died and she needs to money to pay for his funeral or some shit. It's got like a full body kit, paint, nitrous, completely built engine (nice and shiney chrome too), interior... all kinds of fun stuff.
my cousin picked up a 1982 nissan cedric with only 1300 kms for less than $3000
a few years ago. Apparently, someone died in a plane-crash, and the wifee just had the car as she couldn't drive stick..then she sold it. Those are the best deals!
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