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What dash symbols should I have?

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What dash symbols should I have on a 93 x-cab 4x4? I have highbeam, emergency brake, seatbelt, and also check engine. Should I have 4x4 when engaged and also cruise control when it is on? I have looked for signs of them but I am unable to see any signs of them.


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i dont have cruise but you should have a 4x4 light
there is a 4WD indicator and a cruise indicator but the cruise indicator would only work with factory cruise. If you have aftermarket cruise it won't work the light.
i have a cool green 4WD light in the runner :) makes me feel cool
Yeah, same here. I have an oil light, a check engine light, a seatbelt light, a high-beam light, and a 4WD in green that lets me know it's on. I don't have cruise control and I don't have any type of low-range indicator, only that the stick on the floor is in low :whatwhat:
Rear anti lock light.
Is there a fuel light on these trucks? If so mine doesn't light up.
There is one on my truck.
there is only a low fuel light if you have the factory tach.
I believe it's only available on trucks with the full set of analog gauges, starting in 85. My 84 sr5 isn’t equipt with one.
my 91 4x4 has a factory tach but no fuel light.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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