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What did you do to your Gen1/Gen2 Camry today?

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Surprised we don't have such a thread here! Washed my '90 and cleaned the interior, rotated tires and checked air pressure. Not much else to do on my cars right now, not a good thing when I get bored I tend to buy another car. :facepalm:
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Replaced thermal time switch and distributor cap and wires. Tomorrow will do neutral safety switch. Last month put in starter relay. Air conditioning compressor two months ago and R-12. Car runs great.
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Looked really hard at them in profile, realized the ES250 nose really is that much sexier than the stock Camry nose.

Pined for the days of driving them.
well in a nutshell, to make up for lack of this thread, i have done a few things to the camry. most recently i had to reglue the headliner cover to the sunroof cover. it started blowing in the wind the other day.

other things have been.......

timing belt and tensioner and water pump, starter, radiator, installed the external starter relay, front brakes, master cylinder, battery, wipers, oil changes for engine and the auto transmission, new tires on the front, fuel tank vent line replaced, removed the dreaded electronic box that makes the tail lights stop working, replaced air filter and AC idle valve, replaced rear speakers, replaced drivers rear tail light assembly guts, replaced trunk weather stripping, cv axles on both sides, new silverstar headlights, replaced broken headlight retainer ring, new muffler and center section of tailpipe (between muffler and cat), replaced broken auto stereo antenna, installed the clear rear quarter running lights and im sure there is something im leaving out.

things to do soon........

all 4 struts and strut mounts, rear tires, fix pass front window a sit wont roll down. motor is locked up and wont move. thank goodness the window is up lol

um what else.......gotta paint and install the rear seatbelt trim, got a new head unit coming and a sub box for an overhaul of the audio system, locate the god awful vibration that happens in gear at idle when stopped, it only does it when we are both in the car. buy and install the clear front turn signal assemblies, talk her in to letting me change that ugly ass factory steering wheel to a more modern looking grant, and looking in to getting her a remote start/lock for christmas. need to change the heater hoses and flush the radiator before winter. the P.O. put water in it when the water pump was leaking. im still fighting rust and its got a new rad for crying out loud.

then there is my hardbody nissan...........lmao that is a whole other thread on another forum :)
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Wow that's quite the list!
most recently i had to reglue the headliner cover to the sunroof cover. it started blowing in the wind the other day.
What glue did you use? The same thing happened to me awhile back, I used a spray on adhesive which didn't work all that well it's starting to come off in one corner.
This weekend, I will replace the alarm system with a new one since the old one does not work anymore and couple of weeks later, I will install a full height GPS system.
@71............. I used the 3m headliner/carpet spray adhesive. I have not checked it since I sprayed it down. She won't open the sunroof until may or june lol

That 3m is some good stuff. I used it to glue my dashmat carpet cover to the dash on my hardbody nissan truck. It works well for headliner repairs too but be careful if u ever get some. It sprays fast and it will put too much on the target surface if your not fast enough.

And seeing how we paid 800 for the car with 162k miles from the second owner who had it for the last 15 years, the repair list isn't that bad. I figure with parts and time I have probably 3k in the car. Nottoo bad for one of the bestcars ever made.

Stupid android won't let me fix the space errors. And I'm not deleting it all for the correction
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Grabbed a 1991 front spoiler/valence to put on the wagon, surprised to find one in decent shape usually they're mangled all to hell.
I looked at the long to-do list on the car again. Oh, and drove it. :lol:

I re-repaired my wire harness on the drivers side as the ground crimp broke. This time I inserted jumper wires and soldered the wires together.
Re-installed my front valance and touched up the paint, after hammering out a sharp wrinkle last evening. (16 bolts was it?) The top center bolt: get it from above with an end wrench...

Marveled at my newly restored gear position dash lights :thanks:
Recent repairs for my '90 Camry wagon: replaced fuel filter, both CV joints, 1 rack & pinion boot, lift supports for tailgate door, rear wiper motor, front brakes (pads and rotors), transmission fluid change.

Hoping that's it for a while.
Primed the newly rebuilt 5sfe by turning it over without the fuel or ignition components hooked up. :)

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..still "dialing in" the BEGI fuel pressure and meth activating psi feels amazing up to 9 psi before its leaning out....I have to decide whether to go with the 5th injector or the larger 300cc injectors.
..still "dialing in" the BEGI fuel pressure and meth activating psi feels amazing up to 9 psi before its leaning out....I have to decide whether to go with the 5th injector or the larger 300cc injectors.
Up to 9psi now, eh? That's stock 1st and 2nd gen 3s-gte boost... ;) I'd stop there unless you are willing to rebuild your motor.

put my ported sub box together with a sony 10 inch sub for the trunk install. the head unit is already installed. now i need to measure the length of wiring needed to run from the battery to the trunk.

im thinking about mounting the amp on the back of one of the rear seats. we never pull them down so i think it would be ok there.

i just have to figure out which side would be better for the wiring......
I just installed an AMP and a new headunit in my Gen1. Found more rust. Made the already installed 4" and 6.5" component sounds a hell better though.

Maybe next week work on the body. Just some work to slow/stop the rust :headbang:
just took the old girl off the ramps. changed the oil, inspected the power steering leak that is going to get addressed soon. its getting bad.

the trans pan gasket is leaking and missing a bolt, so tack that on to next weekends project.

did the weekly fluid checks and all that jazz.

got the sub box built (see above), so now all im waiting on is a deal on an amp then i will get to wiring it all in the car.
I replaced both rear door outer weatherstrips, pulled a 5 speed cruise control unit, and a Crown Vic search ligh to put on my '88. I did some work on my Integra too, but of course it's no Camry...
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