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Last Friday my 2005 Camry V6 with about 60,000 miles was parked outside all day in a cold (45F) rain. I put it in the garage at the end of the day. When I started it a couple days later, it ran really rough for the first minute or so and the check engine, traction control and ABS lights were on. As I was looking in the manual to see what to do, the idle smoothed out and the lights all went off. I have driven the car several times since then with no problems.

What do you think? Just a fluke? A sensor got wet and when the engine heat dried it out, everything was ok? FWIW, the car has sat out before in rain and snow and just last fall I drove 6 hours in a cold, hard rain and never had an issue.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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