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What do you think about this idea? :)

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I was bored at work and started thinking about how my car's exterior looks so I got to thinking that it'd look sweet if I did this:

-white paint job on whole body
-checkered black/white paintjob on hood
-BBS style rims powdercoated charcoal
-dark limo tint
-powdercoated apex'i style muffler

So, what do you guys think?
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dark limo tint for sure. white paint job would look nice. but the checkered thing is ok but i think that it would look kinda like a cab, no??
no on the hood
but:thumbup: on everything eles
hm...i wonder how dark i can tint all around without the cops caring
No on the hood, no on the muffler.

White? Isn't it purple right now?
It's maroon, bitches!

I liked the checkered hood idea, but you guys say it blows. What if there were black pinstripes running down the sides?
nah, no strips. Then your going to flashy. Keep it nice, but simple.
BBS style :thumbup:
Post a pic of your car and I'll tell you what would look good on your car.

Also, Checkered Hood?:disappoin Get a CF Hood:thumbup:
Hmmm... maybe instead of that checkered hood you could get some flames, eh? :barf:
Everything else is good though :thumbup:
Checkered hood... :thumbdown

Go with a CF hood and get the ricer style GIANT HOOD SCOOP!! :rice:

No C/F!!!!!!

But I could get my hands on another hood for you. And scooping it would be no problem. You could mold in an ABS plastic one, or you could fiberglass one in. Either way works good.

I was thinking about the checker hood, that would be insanely expensive to do. Do you know anyone who could do it for cheap?
Step one: save money
Step two: buy new car
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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