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What does this hose attach to?

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Hello there,
First post here so I hope you won't judge me by this question :facepalm:. Things have been going very well up to this point. Anyway, I am almost done a head gasket r&r on my 86 pickup with a 22r. It has been a most excellent adventure with some serious learning moments along the way. I am right at the end and have run into a strange problem (it could be the fumes, i dunno). My last step before putting the air filter assembly back on and fill 'er up with oil and coolant is to attach this hose

It comes out of the intake manifold

and has an i.d. of about 1" so I thought it would be obvious where it should go, but I just can't see it! :headbang:

Can't find it in my manual or anywhere I search online. From what I have found I am thinking it might be the water bypass hose, but am really guessing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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PVC valve?
Yeah my guess is PCV valve or the head vent. Im pretty sure that goes to your air breather.
a couple more pics

Hey guys
Thanks for the suggestions. It does look remarkably similar to the pcv valve hose. Sadly that is not what where this hose goes. I failed to mention in my first post that this hose originates on the underside of the intake manifold. I tried to paint in a yellow arrow pointing at the port I know the one end of the hose goes to.

I still can't locate where the other end goes. I am beginning to fear insanity :ugh3:, or that I somehow overlooked a part on the rebuild. The only other piece of info that I can think to include is that it appears and smells like a coolant hose.

Thanks again for any suggestions.

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There should be a Nipple that points strait down off the bottom back side of the intake manifold ( Yes your yellow arrow is the spot)and that hose will then run to the front of the engine to the back side of the timing cover, there you should find a nipple pointing to the rear of the engine that is your water port.
Hope it helps
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I had a dog and his name was BINGO!

You are exactly right!! You have my honest thanks and gratitude. I may now proceed with the final steps before turning the key and seeing how I faired. I must admit to feeling a bit sheepish not being able to find that (I honestly had my head in there for awhile), but the end of the water port nipple was pretty nicely obscured by some line mounts. I know, no excuse, but that's all I got.

Thanks again man, the prospects for the rest of my day have gotten much better.

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