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What Forums Are Best For Our Pickups?

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Hello All,

Thanks for reading this post. I'm a new user. I've driven Toyotas since '85. I'm the original owner of my '92 2WD Pickup. It has only 70K miles on it. It is a real sweetheart.
I've kept my Truck stock and do all of my own work. I'm looking for a forum that has a lot of information about maintenance and upkeep of the truck. Although I'm a purely self-taught mechanic, I feel as if I have a lot to contribute to technical discussions.

QUESTION: Which Toyota Pickup forum is best for the home mechanic?

Thank you, and y'all drive safe!
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you can contribute to any of them, but since your truck is a 92', you may be best helping in this forum. But on the other hand, these trucks were pretty much all the same from the 80's to 95', so your knowledge is pretty much universal.:thumbup:

yeah your best bet is the 89-94 hilux forum.
Thanks, guys!

I guess I'll hang out here for awhile.
Those Hilux's are pretty cool. Sure don't see many around here, whats up with that?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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