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just wondering what everyone carries as far as emergency gear and anything else that stays in your truck. i have some basic stuff but im one of those nerds who likes to be prepared for anything and im sure im missing some stuff

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well for me it is easy, i carry a emergency battery power pack (jump start and save my alternator from blowing because someones bad battery)and my AAA card for road side service... ( ok getting old and a few troubles so can't change tires anymore and with a computer hard to do much road side repair work anymore ) :rolleyes:

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Jumper cables, receiver/ball, tow strap, fire extinquisher, flashlight.... and I carry with me cell phone and AAA card.

If you carry anything -definately carry jumper cables. This comes in handy for YOU as well as anyone else who needs a little help. Jumper cables have been used more than anything else I carry (for other people).

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First Aid Kit
Tow Strap
Work Gloves
Folding Shovel
Sat Phone
Space Blankets
Fire Extinguisher
Toilet Paper
Beer Opener Hitch Cover:thumbsup:

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tow strap
tie down straps
brush/scraper during snow season
chap stick
tire pressure guage
and a towel to wipe crap off the inside windows

i don't need no stinking jumper cables because as well all know, manual > auto

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first aid kit, e.blanket, entrenching tool, extra water, tow straps, jumper cable, pocket knife, lighter, glow sticks, flashlight, some zip ties and bungee cords,pen/paper, fire extinguisher, brush, some basic tools, extra battery, 5gal gas can... i think there's more but i forget.

i pretty much prepare myself as if the world is going to end tomr. haha

kinda like in i am legend.

here's some good info.

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jumper cables, socket set, tie downs, tow rope, flash light, tire gauage, and extra change of clothes and shoes incase get stuck and want get interior full of crap or mud. i think thats it. jumper cables come in handy so keep them and socket set comes in handy incase u break somethin on the trail and u can easily fix it.

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30 ft tow strap
10 ft of chain
first aid kit
portable 12V air compressor
AAA roadside emergency kit (has blanket,jumper cables..all that kinda crap)
couple cans of soup
mag light
basic tools
breaker bar
large knife
nice set of gloves
A set of the stock lug nuts (for the spare tire, they are different then my A/m ones, something to think about if you have A/M wheels)
Ratcheting straps
Bungie cords
couple shackles
receiver shackle
Staun tire deflators
POS handheld CB that barely works

I think thats about it....when the winch goes on here shortly, I'll also have all the various winching gear (tree strap, line extensions, more shackles, snatch block....and so on.

I like to be prepared for just about reason not too.

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