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what is 205/45/17?

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I have a question about these numbers, what is the 205, and the 45? I know what the 17 is, but i don't know what is the 205 and 45 are for, any help is fine, thanks people.
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205 is the width, 45 is the sidewall height from rim to end of tire tread

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Gee, thanks a lot! Going to save that picture, haha.
i believe the firs two numbers are in centimeters and then the last number is in inches.
that will be true for most tires unless you run into some older american tires or some tires used for drag racing.

thats a good kumho tire btw.
Yeah everyone has got it... here is a summary of ALL the markings (My continentals are 215/55R17 93Y -> Y = 300km/h LMAO):
the 205 is mm tread width, the ratio of sidewall height to the tread width is 0.45. Low profile tires have a lower ratio.
first number is the width of tire in mllimeters. Second number is the the height of sidewall in ratio to width of tire. In the case of 205/45/17, the sidewall would be 45% of the width of the tire, which would be 92.25mm. And you know what 17 is already.
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