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In all of the GPS in Eonon, they have the popular and important POI function. You can take a look at our Eonon Car DVD with GPS series here:
Eonon would like to introduce you What is POI in GPS and how to get it for free, hope it is useful to you!

(E1083 GPS box for Special Car DVD player)

What is POI? It refers to Point of Interest. Digital maps for modern GPS devices typically include a basic selection of POI for the map area. Including information like Road Safety, Shopping, Restaurants, Accommodation, Petrol, Tourist locations, Transportation, Automotive, Recreation, etc in your daily life, it can make your navegation become a convenient and interesting experience!

However websites exist that specialize in the collection, verification, management and distribution of POI which end-users can load onto their devices to replace or supplement the existing POI. [3] While some of these websites are generic, and will collect and categorize POI for any interest, others are more specialized in a particular category (such as speed cameras) or GPS device (e.g. Eonon/TomTom/Garmin). End-users also have the ability to create their own custom collections.

File formats:
The following are some of the file formats used by different vendors and devices to exchange POI (and in some cases, also navigation tracks):
* ASCII Text (.asc .txt .csv)
* Topografix GPX (.gpx)
* Garmin Mapsource (.gdb)
* Google Earth Keyhole Markup Language (.kml .kmz)
* Pocket Street Pushpins (.psp)
* Maptech Marks (.msf)
* Maptech Waypoint (.mxf)
* Microsoft MapPoint Pushpin (.csv)
* OziExplorer (.wpt)
* TomTom Overlay (.ov2)
* OpenStreetMap data (.osm)

In Eonon GPS, we have POI search options for Automotive Service/Hotel/Eat & Drink/Shopping/Leisure Center /Medical Services/Transport Information and so on). However, since the updates are frequetly in GPS maps, maybe you still need to update it now and then. So how to get it for free? Now Eonon would like to recommend you some outstanding websites for download POI:

Very extensive information, including main countries information around the North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Download from this site is as easy as apple pie. You don't even have to register.

It has free POI data for many metro areas in the United States.

Several collections of POI data for the United States, including red light cameras (for free).

It has a database with over a million US locations.

It has location data for campgrounds, parks, and other sites that may be of interest to RV owners.

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Do you guys have any good ways or websites for update POI? Just share with us your ideas here~~ thanks~
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