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What is the best CAI for a Gen. 3, I4 camry???

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I know alot of companies don't make CAI for the gen. 3, 4 cylinder, but upon some serious research, I found some that do.

Look at only the ones for 4 cylinders:

Does anyone have these and if so, how are they? Which one is the best? I'm leaning towards WeaponR.

Your comments are appreciated.
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I fixed the link.
make your own it'll cost less and work the same and you can get a reusable filter also
injen doesnt make CAI for camry :rolleyes:
Did you look at the link? They do.....for the 4th gen.
No CAI is the best. K&N filter. It's all a CAI is.

You run the CAI to the same spot your stock intake went to. The only real difference between a CAI and an entirely stock intake is a upgraded filter. Hence, the K&N (or TRD). :)
i dont see any cold air for camrys.. they have short rams but no cold air.. :rolleyes:
i think the store is trying to mislead people..
Exactly what I was thinking, I saw a lot of Short Ram intakes that they list as "Cold Air Intakes" You could actually take them to court over that by "False Advertising"
i have a trd cold air, imo its best. (but thats just cause i won't admit anything else is better).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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