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what is the cheapest 3" lift for my truck :please respond

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looking for the cheapest way to lift my truck to get 33's under it... talking about kits though.. i want it to be safe.. just doesn't have to be the smoothest riding thing... i have a 95 taco ext cab 4x4 4cyl auto
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I reccomend the OME coils over the spacer only kits.
Spacers aren't as good, but are acceptable and will get you to 3" cheaply. I know quite a few people who run them with not many complaints except that the ride is a little rough. In the rear personally I'd stay away from blocks, although many people run them - AAL's or longer shackles put less stress on the springs as far as I know.
Besides Toytec, here's a couple other good budget lift mfgrs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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