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84 XtraCab SB
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If its an '88 I don't think it would be a Tacoma
anyway, this sounds like a good deal to me with all the
aftermarket items and maintenance thats been done to it,
my only concern would be the engine, 3.0's have a chronic
headgasket problem.

If you do a little looking here you will read all about it.

I would just make sure that its not leaking at this time,
here is a few things you want to check:
1.pull the dipstick and look for the presence of water, if it looks frothy like a chocolate shake then there is a problem.

2.pull off the radiator cap and look for oil floating in the coolant. If you have access to one, use a radiator pressure test kit to determine if there is any air getting out of the cooling system. A very good test I have learned for testing the headgasket is to take your truck to a friendly smog mechanic, take off the radiator cap and start the engine, have the smog guy stick the emissions probe right in the top of the radiator, it will detect if exhaust gases are coming out of the coolant. You may be able to do this by just taking off the coolant reservoir cap and sticking the probe in there, in fact that would probably be easier and gas would tend to gather there more because of the empty space inside. Stick your hand or a rag around the probe and over the hole to concentrate any gas in the reservoir.

3.look at the exhaust gas coming out the tailpipe after the truck has warmed up, if you still see some white smoke or gray/black/bluish smoke then it could be burning water or oil. I like to stick my finger in the tailpipe (when its not too hot of course ) and wipe it in the bottom of the pipe, you will pick up oil or water that has gathered there. There will be some normal moisture condensation in the exhaust especially in colder weather.

4.look at the repair records and ask the previous owner to see if the headgasket has been done recently, if it has you probably won't have to worry about it in the near future.
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