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I am new to Toyota Trucks, or trucks at all for that matter, and I'm am looking around for an older truck. One has caught my eye at a decent price (college student here) but I am unfamaliar with the general mileage you can get out of your Tacoma before it'll need some serious attention/rebuild. The particular truck I'm looking at is a 1988 Tacoma, 3.0 V6, 4WD, 5 spd. It has 240,000 miles:eek: on it. I know it has not been rebuilt. The clutch was replaced at about 170k. Here is the description from the seller himself:

"My dad runs a toyota shop and has made sure that this truck was in great mechanical condition. Both diffs and the tranny and transfer cases have been filled with Redline synthetic shockproof oil as well and the engine only being filled with Castrol syntec. It has also had a k&n filter on it since the bottom end work. It has a new set of procomp es9000 shocks and steering stabilizer. It has a 3" suspension lift with new crager wheels and near new 33x12.5 BFG all terrains. It has the heavier axles and the nice gauge cluster that that come with the v6 package. It has a brand new Reese class 4 hitch installed last month. It had a new factory exhaust installed last summer from the cat to the tail pipe. It has just gotten a tune up with new ngk plugs wires cap rotor and coil. It had an alignment less than 3 months ago when the lift was intelled. This was a customer car before i bought it and have all service records since about 1992. Included is the owners manual as well as a factory toyota repair manual."

Now I have bought and sold several cars, and I spoke to this seller on the phone and from our converstaion I would say he sounds honest. He's asking about 1.5k. I only need a truck for some light hauling occassionaly, but mainly as my commuter vehicle for the next year, year and half tops so I'd just need it to last that long without major engine rebuilding service. Any thoughts?
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