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Neither in the useless owner's manual:headbang:, nor in this incredibly useful forum:clap:, have I found any explanation of what the two indicators in the power meter dial telling me. I am also a little uncertain of what the green bars mean in the battery icon in the multi-info display. In case it makes a difference, I live in California and I have an 09 HiHy.

First, the power meter... There are two different indicators in the power meter - a set of four white bars going up the left side (almost to the 50), and a needle which swings across the entire range of the dial. In addition, below the zero-point of the needle there is a "charge" section into which the needle sometimes swings. What do the white bars tell me? What does the needle tell me? What does it mean when they are both active at the same time. What does it mean when the needle swings down into the charge zone.

Now for battery icon in the multi-info display... This icon has a stack of green bars within it. I have never seen mine show anything but one bar from the top - never lower, never higher. Is this a bar graph of how much charge is currently available in the hybrid battery?

Thanks all from a HiHy newbie! :confused:

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The Power Meter needle shows power generated by the hybrid power train in KW. This power train integrates the V6 gas engine and all the batteries and motors on-board. You can convert this KW into horse-power if that helps.

When the car is near constant speed, the WHITE BARS in the Power Meter appear when the car is operating at higher fuel efficiency level. Keeping the meter needle in this region gives better fuel efficiency. Step on the gas, the bars may disappear as the car accelerates or operates at ranges not conducive to high fuel efficiency level. I love this one!

The CHARGE zone under "0" indicates the car is charging the batteries. The needle enters this area only when the car is slowing or in "B" or braking. The needle sinks deeper into this region when you step on the brakes.

The ENERGY MONITOR battery view shows the charge level of the large traction battery. It changes from GREEN to BLUE to PINK. GREEN means it is near full or full. BLUE means it is 80% or less. PINK normally appears when the battery has only "two bars" of power left.

I test drove the '09 and got the "white bar" talk from the sales manager. The rest are similar to our '06 HH.

The following link also provides more info. THe link loads an Interactive Guided Tour. Click on "Hybrid Technology" to see a drop-down list and select which ever item is of interest. I did this to confirm what the sales manager told me.

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