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What is the size of the vaccuum hoses.

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Do you know the interior dimension sizes of the different vacuum hoses on an 2.2 Liter engine. (1996)

Today I replaced one cracked vacuum hose that is up by the air intake tubing. I took the old hose into the auto parts store and tried to match it up. And while I decided on a 7/32 hose as the best, but it looked a little large.

Looking ahead, I think I should replace several of the similar hoses, but since I have doubts the size I decided to ask here, (after searching)
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It's actually a metric I.D. -- the number escapes me at the moment. I've never had any luck getting a good fit from the regular auto parts stores -- even a high-end place like NAPA only had SAE (English) I.D. hose.

The hose from the stealership comes in 2' lengths, list is a smidge over $1 a foot (yeah, I know, highway robbery...but it's also proven to last well over 10 years). P/N 90999-92003.

Not sure about the larger vacuum far I've been lucky enough to not have to replace any of those.
Thanks. Your information was spot on.

I've now got the part. Price was up to $3.48 before a 20% discount.

A thicker vacuum hose was $18.xx for a 16 inch length.
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