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What is the thread size for 22R head bolt?

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I just want to confim cause I am looking for a tap for the thread holes for the head that goes into the it 11X1.25?

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I believe its 12X1.25 try to find a bottoming tap. Those work reeal well on those blocks.
What is a bottoming tap? and where can I find one?
Bottoming tap is like a regular tap but the difference is that it is flat at the bottom. it helps prevent damage to the treads when you hit the bottom of the hole. Might want to look in the yellow pages for bolt stores. In Souther California there is King Bolt but I'm sure many places have them. They are a good investment since that is one of the most popular threads used by Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi
Thanks for the info Jesster1,
GOOD information. !

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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