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What is this?

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Is that an intake resonator? it hangs down and is connected to the intake hose. i know theres a resonator in the fender, but is this another one?
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need a better pic but yes mostlikely it is
yea that was the only pic i have now, ill c if i can get a better one tommorow
if it's not connected to anything you can take it out just cover the hole
pull it out and plug the hole
What would you accomplish by removing this?
bassthrive said:
What would you accomplish by removing this?
probably nothing, i was just asking what it was. if it has no use, might as well rid of it i guess :)
if Mr.Toyota put it there there must be a reason for it.
^ its for noise reduction & restricts air flow slightly...

It also control pulse in the intake so no resonate happen.
was thinking about replacing that with a breather or a small cone much do those run for $$$ wise.
Don't be stupid. Leave it alone. Get an air intake if you want to improve breathability.
a breather there would mess up your system i belive ... it's after the the air flow metter right???? not too sure on the I4's but if it is the car might not run right if you do that ...
Breather on intake? :eek: :disappoin
If you wanna remove it, plug it.
yea ill just leave it alone, was just having random thoughts. thanks for letting it down nicely gen3cruiser, haha :) very frank :p:
yeah leave it alone...

i always thought that it was to get out any water... i dunno. prolly wrong.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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