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what kind of muffler to go with kit?

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Now that I and along with the help of you guys, solved 99.9% of my engine problems. I would like to have my accord R33 kit fitted and painted this spring or summer. What kind of muffler do you guys think I should get for a nice, low growl that doesn't sound ricey.

Others have suggested Apexi N1 and HKS and was wondering if anyone could post a sound clip of one of these mufflers on a 3S-FE. Either that or a magnaflow cause the HKS and Apexi seem like a lot. Im basically after a nice euro sound.
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muffler sound

This is the EXACT sound I want from a muffler. Will the greddy muffler alone accomplish this or will I need all the piping. How about if I keep the cat on too?

it sounds very smooth and low an I love it.
my stock muffler sounds like that....of course it also has some holes in it >.<
as long as your cat is in-tact HKS high power or Apexi N1 will sound good just like that sound clip. If you don't have a cat add some resonators to your exhaust system and you can accomplish that sound. it might be a little hit-n-miss with out the cat though.
As far as I know my cat is good still, where is the cheapest place to get the HKS or Apexi? I take it the Apexi is cheaper right?
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