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I work in the automotive service industry and this is what i know from experience.

Toyota and other automotive car company don't make oil and oil filters. Most of their products are made buy other companies and labeled as toyota.

Whatever is printed on your service receipt should have been done because that is a liability. When i give a customer a service receipt i always check that everything has been done that is on the receipt.

With the oil pass the full mark on your dipstick it's not uncommon for this to happen. Time is money and believe me oil change is a service that shops don't make money. The best procedure in making sure that a car get the right amount of oil is to put 3.5L (4 cylinder engine) start the car for 10sec, turn it off, let the car sit of 1min, check the dipstick, if the oil on the dipstick indicate that it .5cm below the full mark that is perfect.

Overfilling an engine with oil will not damage an engine in most cases. Having oil pass the full mark by a 1cm is not a problem with most small cars and it will have a very small effect on your gas mileage. Vehicles that take a lot of oil and vehicles that have their crankshaft submerge in oil will have more of a problem with having to much oil.

This is just a general measurement.

On your dipstick you have a low and full mark. Measure the distance between the low mark and the full mark. example. 1" is the distance between low and full mark. If the oil is over by a 1/4" then i have 1/4L more of oil.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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