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What more should i add...

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Hey guys, i was wondering what things i should add to my car. Im pretty satisfied with the appearance. It is a 2006 LE. I was looking for any engine mods. I have HIDs and K&N filter. What more should i add?
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Do a search, there's tons of threads that will give you ideas.
Is it a daily...what do you plan on doin with the car?
^ pretty much...and yea it gets old.
yea its a daily. um do u guys know how effective a throttle cleaning is??
Depends how dirty the thorttle body was to begin with. If it's just a bit of dirt on the butterfly valve, then cleaning would help.

Is it an I4 or V6? You can do things like headers, exhaust, an actual intake, basic bolt ons.
You gotta give a few more details on what you are looking for.
Strut bar
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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