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What part do I need to fix this?

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See pictures below for a better understanding, but the plastic piece that runs up the driver side of the windshield is now detached. Seems some sort of clip is came off or something.

I've got a 2002 Camry.

Ultimately trying to figure out what part I need to get this thing permanently reattached (I've tried all sorts of rigging to get it to stay, all to no avail).

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Theyre small metal retaining clips. Just take the peice in to your nearest dealer and tell them you need the clips that hold it to the body. They should have those in stock.

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The clips will hold onto the 2 tabs you can see on there. On some cars they come off when removing the a-pillar trim, and fall into the inside of the a-pillar, most likely where yours are now living. :)
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