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For me, it depends on what kind of car I drive.

For regular cars, I usually shift from 2500-3500 rpm. But if I want to save gas, I shift around 2000 rpm. What about you guys?

Do you guys go all out crazy and shift before redlining it?

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06 subaru wrx wagon
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celica, right at redline

s2000 generally around 6 to save on gas.

truck, whenever the light comes on to shift:lol:

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nobrainer said:
is it bad that I usually let my auto- 4cyl camry run to about 4-5k rpms before it shifts?
1. How can you do that if you have an auto unless you are shiftign yourself which you shouldn't be. Buy a manual if you want to shift yourself.

2. No it's not going to really hurt anything except your wallet since you will be burning a lot more gas. I guess it could put a little bit more wear and tear on your engine but that would be miniscule atbest.
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