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Hi all! I just bought a 95 Camry with around 93k, I am planning to change the timing... at the same time, I would like to change the seals also, I search the forum but can not find a exact answer for what I can change with it. It is a 4-cylinder 2.2l engine.
What I have think of is:
timing belt + all drive belt
timing belt tensioner
timing belt idler
value cover gasket
water pump + gasket
oil seal + ring
1 X cam seal
1 X crank seal

but I am thinking will there be more than 1 cam seal or other seal that I can replace, thanks!

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You pretty much got them all covered. There is a seal around the oil pump shaft and you can also remove the oil pump and replace hte gasket behind it. Normally you will find it is just the shaft seal that will leak.
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