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What should I do before I sell it?

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My camry is going back to stock. A lot of work, but worth it in the end.

What SHOULD I do/replace before I sell the car?

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$5000+? It looks very clean. Replace? whatever is broken or needs to be replaced.
your selling your gen 3?? and taking off all the goodies???
you going to sell any of it?

give it a quick oil change.. and clean everything up i.e. carpet, seats, trunk, engine bay

what are you planning to get after you sell it?
Why are you selling it? I mean I think about selling mine all the time but I know I wont. Just make sure there's no chance someone can tell it was once modified because you'll get a lot more money for it.

How much are you planning on letting it go for? And do you have any specific parts off your car that you're going to sell?
Yeah do a all out detailing job from the engine to the interior. Oil change and trans fluid(only if it has a dull colour) Get rid of any CELs and I think thats it...
thanks, up
you can swap rims with me. im sure having 14" steelies on there will drive up the price!
smog? its fl, we dont have emissions
hide the fire damage!

and give me your parts ... we can trade suspension maybe?
dude go blow it up or drive it into the ocean and claim insurance on it :naughty: ... Thats the easy way lol.
^ i'll pick you up if you do that ........ remember how much ocean we have around us?
slap some autozone brake pads on it for $20 and advertise it as having new brakes. Couldn't hurt.
dont put the brakes on it and advertise it as new brakes, and dont forget to change the oil with the thinest clearest oil you can find.

because anyone who was in the use car bidness knows that thick oil = leaks/burning. and stupid people dont like non clear oil.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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