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Ok, this is what I have. I swapped out the stock engine on account of blowen head gasket and after repair of H.G. it throw's a rod.
Installed JDM engine with one of those 35,000 mi.+ engines. Drove it for about 3 yrs. and it blowes it's H.G.
Here's my questions! Our the 4age's pron to blowing H.G.?
And do you think I should swap out the 4age for a 4agze?
Or get a 7a engine and combine the two to make a hybird with more even tourqe?
let me know what all the good and bad points our in each of the choices.
For now it will set untill spring because I'am haveing my 4th. gen All-trac rebiult and don't have the $ to get them both fixed.
One other thing, can you give an est. of cost on what you suggest to be done! I'am on a fixed income and will have to do repairs on the monthly income left over $.
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