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what skperformance have to say

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Since when did anyone worry about what i had to say?

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Ratko said:
Don't worry about his rants. He's just angry about being excluded for having a Lexus. :p:
That's alright Ratko I work at TMMC and build the new Lexus so I know all about their quality! :lol:

J/K - Both Toyota and Lexus are great and I couldn't give a damn what this guy thinks of my car cause she is finnnnnnne. :cool:
skperformance said:
I want to see more JDM rides
black and bronze rims
BBK's (if you don;t know what that is ,it says alot)
flat black paint ,
no stickers ,
no noisey exhaust,
noblue rice lights or spoilers,

Just real sweet clean mods for power and flair not the "hey look at me "

Too bad that ae86 from the auto X isn;t coming to rep the Toyota's it is one bad ass mofo, all flat black on the ground no interior and nothing but power a true track car that " HAS" to be trailered there.
it was too sweet.

since i can't load a pic here which limits it to 1000bytes ????
i'll load it on my forum

:rolleyes: :confused:

i deffinately agree that "jdm" influenced cars are nicer and are becoming more popular....

but come on now...

no stickers on jdm

jdm has its ugly side too..flat black paint eh?

no noisey exhuasts :eek:
top secret
to name a few, all have extremely loud exhuasts
the sound better then the fart can apc exhaust but still are EXTREMELY loud


i think you get the point..
just cause its clean doesnt mean its "jdm"
its just a nice car
subtle, clean, powerful cars are the best:thumbup:

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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