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what speakers when keeping stock head unit?

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I have a 04 Corolla, on
I have several posts, they have good DYI section, did not see here, no photos on removal and replacement of stock speakers on the Matrix I am buying (05 4WD XR).

So they are 6 1/2 correct???

In the Corolla, It has a 6 speaker as well; I went a matched component 1 inch tweeter and 5 1/2 2 ways,

And a 6x9 3-way in the rear....bought from Crutchfield

Went JBL as they are not as power hungry ad Infinity and Rockford Fosgate...

So as a direct replacement 6/12 matched 1 inch tweeter and 6 1/2 in front (?) RSVP

And the rear 6 1/2 2 way or 3 way (?) RSVP

And do I need to go with slim profile or anything??

This is a family car and we may replace the stock head unit, but that is a year or so away,

Any suggestions??
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