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What The Hell Is It

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ok what the hell is this:Bruce:the friggin cat i mean ok im the late person but i dont rember this

even worse what the hell is this!!!!:bukkake:is that what i think it is or is my mind in the gutter?
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its a cat drinkin milk lol, i dont get it either but yea
that 2nd one im assuming is exactly what your prob thinkin that or my heads in the gutter as well lol
just a cat drinking milk? i mean what does it mean ? "aww that exaust manafold was a cat drinking milk" <somthing like that?
The only black smiley is this :woowoo:

Maybe thats not a cat drinking milk. His paw looks like its turning something, so maybe thats just the top of a shoot into a meat grinder. A cat cranking in it's own tongue into a meat grinder is a fairly common phrase for Toyota forums.
idk i think that cat is into some bad cat nip i mean look at the blood shot eyes the tail i think it has a credit card in its left paw maby the milk bowl is really a mirror?
like a mr T smiley?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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