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what to do...

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I'm looking for some advice, today i bought a 81 corolla coupe for $500. its an american car with no major rust and its rwd which is a major plus but its absolutly gutless. what bolts in as far as an engine. i met some guy at a type r meet the other night offering me a silvertop 4a-ge for $800 with tranny and ecu but i myself dont know much about toyota swaps and he's more of a honda guy and doesnt know if it will bolt in. if anybody knows anything about this please help, or if you have any suggestions. i am only 17 tho and i've only got about $1500 to spend on a swap so nothing too crazy. thanks
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Silvertop for $800?? hmmm... make sure all the wiring is there. 81 Toyota with a silvertop.. hmm.. that sounds sweet, you might need a little work, like probably custom built engine mounts and a new tranny because the silvertop is a FWD and not a RWD motor. The transmission from an AE86 corolla GTS (85-87 RWD Corollas) will work just fine. There's a place in Mississauga that should be able to handle this kind of swap, but it might cost you a little bit of money. I think its Applewood or something.. anyone remember the name?
ok thats awsome but i still dont know much about these cars. there are a few ae86 parts cars near me and i'm wondering if its easy to swap the 4 wheel disks on to the 81 i've got. also i need something to do with the dash. theres a huge crack in it on the passenger side and i dont really know what to do. someone was telling me to just make a custom dash out of carbon fibre but i have no idea how to form that stuff, is there anything else i could do other than this that i could do in my driveway to fix this?
What motor is in it right now? Post some pics of the car.
Why do people always use carbon fiber as a remedy... you know like my dash is broken.. oh make a new one out of CF!.. my seat is broken.. make a new one out of CF! my window is broken.. make a new one out of CF!! :lol:

Trust me dood.. there's not too many of those cars around, so chances are you will have a hard time doing things to it. I'm sure there's forums out there for old school toyotas.. where's all the old school toyota guys when you need them??
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